Sea of Thieves is offering some free cosmetics for its 1000-day celebrations

Kareem Anderson

Sea Of Thieves Cropped

Once again, Microsoft’s Xbox exclusive title Sea of Thieves is paying fan service with another timed content event.

Announced today, Sea of Thieves gamers can help celebrate what Rare Ltd studios is coining, “1000 Days of Play!” where the game will be issuing free commemorative eyepatches as well as news about the games audiobooks, sample cover artwork, and other various content over the next few days to highlight over two and a half years of gameplay.

While the Eyepatches and audiobooks are part of the free content celebration, gamers can also pre-order the legendary Galleon’s golden nameplate, Sea of Thieves themed Monopoly board game, and other tabletop activities from the Rare Store to pass the time this holiday season.

Sot 1000days Newmerch 1920

To see the full list of giveaways Sea of Thieves has already dolled out, gamers can visit the dedicated Festival of Giving page as well as heading to the game’s commemorative Story So Far page to view their own personal highlights from their gameplay thus far.