Sea of Thieves introduces Cargo Runs to "Boost your reputation by safely transporting goods to their destination!"

Sea of Thieves developers are constantly tweaking the gameplay of its open world pirate game and this time around they've come up with a nice little way for reputation boosting that involves the 'safe' transportation of goods.

Starting today, Sea of Thieves players will now be able to make use of Cargo Runs as part of the Forsaken Shores live content update. The Cargo Runs will help players rise through the ranks of Merchant Alliance by taking on multiple contracts as a sort of FedEx rally.

Another addition to heightening the viability of Cargo Runs is the inclusion of rowboats to help move goods back and forth.

According to the release notes, Cargo Runs differ from the usual voyages by:

  • Once you have your cargo you can undertake Cargo Runs alongside other active voyages, allowing you to double up on your delivery efforts.
  • You're provided with the specific goods to transport, resulting in less time spent scouring islands to fulfill a quota.
  • Certain factors play into the rewards you get for completing a Cargo Run. Each one is timed, so your payout will take a hit if you arrive late. Merchants also expect the goods to be delivered intact, so turning up with broken rum bottles, valuable cloth ruined by water damage or exotic plants that died of thirst along the way is not quite so good for your pocket.

To start a Cargo Run, pick up a Merchant Alliance contract, take it back to your ship and have you and your crew vote on it. From there, you'll get updated on who's waiting on a delivery and instructions.

The update will be rolling out starting October 10, 2018, to all Sea Of Thieves gamers.

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