Sea of Thieves closed beta extended two days as problems continue

Rare announced on Twitter that the company has added another two days to the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta on Xbox One. It appears that even after yesterday's Sea of Thieves update to fix the "too early" bug, there are still some players are still locked out of the closed beta.

In a later tweet, Rare indicated another update was on the way that will attempt to fix any remaining issues. As noted on the Sea of Thieves blog:

"Players who have digitally pre-ordered Sea of Thieves from the Windows or Xbox Store:

We're aware that some players may still be receiving the “too early” error message when launching the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta. We're continuing to roll out the fix periodically to address the issue for those still affected until the issue has been fully resolved.

We apologise for the inconvenience. The fix will unfortunately take some time to reach all remaining affected players.

Next update will be posted Friday 6PM GMT 26/01/2018 (10AM PST).

Anyone who has been granted a code from any other Store should be unaffected. Should you still be experiencing issues, please raise a support ticket."

Rare might want to add more days to the Sea of Thieves closed beta, because several players are reporting that they are still unable to play the game.

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