Sea of Thieves closed beta attracted over 330,000 players

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Sea of Thieves is the next big Xbox exclusive title for Microsoft, and the recent closed beta may have shown the potential popularity of the title come release date. Noted by Eurogamer, the recent Sea of Thieves closed beta attracted over 330,000 players.

According to the graphic below, there were over 332,000 total players during the one week closed beta period, with players spending more than 2,000,000 hours on the sea in the game. And, as we noted before, Sea of Thieves was also at one point the most watched game on both Twitch and Mixer, with 104,240 average viewers, and a total of 14,482,120 hours of content watched.

Sea of Thieves beta summary (Graphic via

The title still has a far way to go, but you can expect Rare to work hard and correct all the known issues gamers have reported before the title launches on Windows 10 and Xbox on March 20th. Do you think you will purchase Sea of Thieves once it releases? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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