Sea of Thieves announces update delays due to remote working, Ships of Fortune coming April 22nd

Sea of Thieves is the latest Xbox game experiencing a delay in development due to the coronavirus crisis. Hot on the heels of the announcement that Sea of Thieves is coming to Steam, game developer Rare has experienced some issues with releasing future game content.

In a post on the Sea of Thieves blog, Rare gives an update on what is going on behind the scenes while their employees are stuck working from home. Sea of Thieves will release its upcoming "Ships of Fortune" game content update on April 22, 2020. However, future monthly game content updates are still up in the air. Take a look at the Sea of Thieves Ships of Fortune trailer below.

Ships of Fortune was announced yesterday during the Inside Xbox reveal and is coming April 22, 2020, and is free for all players on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Xbox Game Pass. Ships of Fortune brings a new feature to trading companies by allowing pirates to serve as emissaries, and be able to collect loot and rewards. Reaper's Bones is a new company addition to trading companies in Sea of Thieves. The Arena also gets an update, replacing treasure maps with a single treasure chest and cash-in location.

The Sea of Thieves team is holding off on giving a specific release date for the game coming to Steam, as they prefer to wait "until we were feature complete and 100% confident we can hit that date." For the time being, Sea of Thieves game content scheduled for release in May 2020 has been pushed to June 2020 to give gamers a more complete experience.

Sea of Thieves is available now in the Microsoft Store on Xbox One and Windows 10. You can also play Sea of Thieves for free as part of an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Sea of Thieves Ships of Fortune monthly game content update will be released on April 22, 2020.

Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves
Developer: Microsoft Studios
Price: Free
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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