SCUF custom accessories are now available for the Xbox One Elite controller -
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SCUF custom accessories are now available for the Xbox One Elite controller

Gamers are always looking to find new ways to express themselves through their Xbox Elite controllers. Now, the exclusive partner SCUF has released their customized accessories for Microsoft's console controller, announced Xbox Wire.

Fans have eagerly gobbled up the Xbox One/SCUF news since Microsoft first announced the partnership. Now, they can get their hands on their own custom controller with one of two different upgrade SCUFF kits for the Xbox One Elite controller, just like 90% of the professional gamers use.

These peripheral accessories are intended to make gaming sessions more comfortable and effective. The first kit is the SCUF ELITE Paddle Control System & Directional Bias D-pad Kit available for $39.96. This includes the Paddle Control System and Directional Bias D-pad that is slanted to reduce the distance to the joystick. Not to mention the selection of designs and treatments for faceplates, buttons, and trims.

The second SCUF ELITE Pro Grips & Precision Thumbstick Kit will become available 'soon' for $29.99. Of course, you can always order a custom made controller with all the features installed from SCUF starting at $149.95.

SCUFF accessories and controller kits are available for sale now although they are cutting it close to the holiday. According to their website, any orders by tomorrow December 20 are guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas and free shipping is available for orders about $250.

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