Is Scroogled dead? Could the fight be getting cleaner?

Is Scroogled dead? Could the fight be getting cleaner?

There will always be rivalry between companies, and this is something that this certainly true of Microsoft and Google. In the blue corner we have Microsoft with Office 365, Bing and Windows Phone; in the red we have Google with Drive, Google search and Android. There has been a friendly back and forth between the two companies for many years now, but Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign has struck many people as something of a low point, amounting at times to little more than a smear campaign.

Now it seems as though the advertising campaign may be no more! The news comes courtesy of none other than MJF over on ZDNet who refers to a weekend Q&A session with a Bing Experience team member, Derrick Connell.

In the session, he was asked outright what he thought of Scroogled. After explaining a little about the reasons for running the campaign, he said: “It is tricky as you want to raise awareness and do it in a fun way. I think we achieved that goal, and changed some policies, and we are now done with the campaign.”

This certainly makes it sound as though Scroogled is no more, but when MJF approached Microsoft for a statement, the company said: “We are always evaluating and evolving our marketing campaigns. There are times when we use our marketing to highlight differences in how we see the world compared to competitors, and the Scroogled campaign is an example of this. Moving forward, we will continue to use all the right approaches and tactics when and where they make sense.”

Would you be happy to see the back of Scroogled, or was it an approach that you liked?

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