Windows 10 Mobile Build 10162 screenshots leak ahead of possible release

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It’s been a few weeks since the last Windows 10 Mobile (Build 10149) was released to the fast ring. Build 10149 finally delivered a reliable enough build for most mobile Insiders with major feature sets and much needed bug fixes. Today we’re getting our first glimpse of Build 10162. The guys over at Windows Mania have gotten their hands on some screenshots. Currently, Microsoft is testing Build 10159 internally.

The first group of screen shots show the volume sliders, the Store and the Store settings. The volume sliders appear to be more rounded than in the previous build. The last image shows a new option that will allow products to appear on the store live tile. While the Store appears to have a lead image that the user can swipe to change apps.

Screen shots

In the next set of screenshots, we see the display setting, a connection screen, and the notification area. In the first image here, the display setting seems to have a new option that allows you to “Show a dot when you touch the screen”. The other screenshots don’t appear to show any thing new.

Screen shots 2

The final couple of images give us a peek at a nice new background on the start screen and a look at the Background apps setting. The People app tile is tricked out with tiny rounded profile images. Also, all the background app tiles appear to be colored squares so perhaps this build is still a little buggy in that area.

Screen shots 3

The mobile builds aren’t being released quite as frequently as the PC builds at the moment. With July 29 looming, Microsoft will give these builds the attention they deserve soon. It remains to be seen if this build will be the next official release from Microsoft. What do you think of these images? Do you notice any changes that we may have missed?

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