Scoreboards are coming to Minecraft Bedrock version

Arif Bacchus

If you’re sporting Minecraft on Windows 10, Xbox One, VR, mobile devices or Nintendo Switch, you’re on the Bedrock platform, and you’ll be getting a new Scoreboard feature soon. The new element will help you keep tabs on your game by letting you set, query and view scores for players, and more.

The best use case for Scoreboards might be for seeing how many zombies you’ve killed, but you can also use it for other things too. For instance, Scoreboards can help you keep count of wins, kills, and deaths. You even can create economic systems, record progress, make timers or record stats for players.

You can get the Scoreboards feature right now by grabbing the beta version of Minecraft. The feature can then be activated using Commands, but be aware that only dummy criteria is currently supported, and you’ll have to manually update scores on your own.

Once beta testing is complete, everyone on Bedrock platforms should be getting Scoreboards in the next release. That release will also come with a revamped sidebar, a stats system, tags, trigger, and criteria. So, feel free to check it out right now in the beta, submit your Feedback to the development team to helps build a better Minecraft for everyone else.