Microsoft offers qualified educational institutions a 10 percent discount on the Surface Pro 3

Surface pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is without a doubt an excellent device. For some, it can definitely replace the laptops, and that includes students too. It comes with a Type Cover, which can act as a keyboard. When required, the device can be used as a productive tablet, thanks to its big display. 

Earlier today, Microsoft announced the Surface for Education Program, which offer schools a discount on the Surface Pro 3 and Type Cover bundle. Starting today, qualified educational institutions can get a 10 percent discount on the tablet in Canada, UK and the US. The base Core i3 model with 64GB of storage is down to $839, while the 128GB Surface Pro 3 with Core i5 processor is priced at $1019. Last but not the least, students will be able to grab the 256GB Surface Pro 3 model for $1289. Educational institutions are requested to contact their authorized local reseller for exact pricing, and a minimum order should be five tablets.

As a quick recap, the Surface Pro 3 measures 292.10 x 201.42 x 9.14 mm, and weighs only 1.76 lbs. The device features a 12-inch ClearType display boasting a resolution of 2160 by 1440 pixels. There's up to 256GB of SSD storage available, with up to 8GB of RAM -- there's a 512GB version as well, but it seems it's not the part of the education program. The 64/128GB Surface Pro 3 feature 4GB of RAM while the 256GB version has 8GB. 

The device can provide a decent battery life of nine hours, as per official specifications. Other features include 5MP front and rear cameras, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, USB 3.0 slot, microSD card reader, and runs a full-fledged version of Windows 8.1 as its operating system.

If you're in an accredited school or university, and want to save some bucks, get in touch with your institution. 

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