Productivity in the classroom: Schools choose Windows based machines over Android or iOS

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Schools choose Windows based machines over Android or iOS

Today in a blog post Microsoft has highlighted schools who have chose to use Windows in the classroom. According to these schools, Windows offers a stable and secure platform for the school IT to manage. Windows also enables teachers to use different form factors for different classroom applications.

Productivity is Microsoft’s bread and butter; the schools who have chosen Windows devices highlight productivity as a major selling point. Another core strength of Windows is management. School IT staff can control and monitor the devices just as they have been for years. With an Android or iOS solution, IT staff would have to treat those devices differently and would need special tools and training to apply the same support existing school computers receive.

Consuming and producing devices has been common terminology when comparing Windows with other mobile devices. In a school setting, iPads may do a good job of offering a simple platform for video or text content. Then, when the student is expected to produce a paper or presentation, using the iPad becomes less optimal. Windows PCs can run education video apps, then switch back to Office to create in a native and familiar experience.

Windows PCs also enable educators and students to take advantage of hardware. Projectors, active digitizers, USB sticks, etc., work seamlessly on Windows when compared to Android or iOS. Preparing students for a world outside of the school is also important. When most businesses worldwide use Windows it makes sense to teach students how to be successful in today’s world.

What do you think is the best educational device today? Do you think Windows is a good fit for the classroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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