School District in Wisconsin to buy 1,400 iPads, using Microsoft settlement money

Back in 2009, Microsoft was involved in a lawsuit which accused the software giant for cheating consumers into paying too much for its software. After reaching a state-negotiated settlement with Microsoft, schools in the state of Wisconsin are purchasing Apple iPads using that money.

"The School District for the first time plans to buy more than 600 iPads for use in the majority of schools this spring. Another 800 iPads are expected to be in classrooms by next fall, all paid for with money from a state settlement with Microsoft," the report states.

This money comes from a 2009 state-negotiated settlement with Microsoft in which the software giant was accused of cheating consumers into paying too much for its software. The state of Wisconsin received nearly $80 million dollars in technology vouchers as part of the settlement.

These new iPad are expected to allow students to wirelessly share classroom work and replace workbooks purchased each year with online apps. In recent demonstrations, school officials learned that students were more engaged in classrooms using tablets. "This is the most significant transition point for having digital learning at the optimal level," said Bill Smojver, the district's director of technical services.

Once the school board gives approval, the iPads will debut in 20 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, and 3 high schools by mid-march. The remainder of the money will be spend on laptops, smart boards, projectors, and other technology upgrades.

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