School district in Texas adopts Windows 8 tablets, Snap view helps improve productivity

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Dell Windows 8

Dell has announced today that a school district in San Antonio, Texas, has adopted Dell’s Latitude 10 tablets, powered by Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. Students at the San Antonio Independent School District now have access to Microsoft’s latest operating system.

The school district has deployed these Dell Latitude 10 tablets across 33 of its 90 campus libraries, as part of the school’s first phase of its literacy initiative. This initiative revolves around having students explore learning outside the classroom and connect to the ‘Big Universe’, an integrated literacy platform. In essence, the district is now able to offer over 22,000 students on campuses a chance to use the multi-touch, dynamic learning experience thanks to Dell and Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

“The Dell Latitude 10 tablets give our students a device for self-directed learning and literacy that enables them to go beyond the text and pursue their own interests and intellectual curiosities. Dell’s solution is the best for our school district’s libraries because they not only deliver a great user experience, but the tablets are compatible with the library infrastructure simplifying their deployment and management,” Marcos Zorola stated. He’s the Chief Information Officer at the school district.

Dell’s Latitude 10 is apparently preferred by educators and is routinely deployed by schools around the world. Not only are the tablets affordable, but they are also accessible, manageable, and feature personalized learning tools.

Students will utilize the Snap feature in Windows 8 to read a lecture or video and take notes at the same time. This will help students improve productivity and help increase engagement with the reading material.

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