Scandinavian banking app BankID for Windows 10 Mobile updated to UWP

The popular Scandinavian app “BankID” has just been updated to the Universal Windows Platform. The app is used daily by millions of users in countries like Sweden, Finland, and Norway and is often called a “must-have”. Other applications like the unofficial Bankappen and the mobile payment app Swish hook up to the app in order to authenticate securely with your bank before making a purchase.

The app has not seen a big update in years, and possibly since it’s release on the Windows Store in 2012. The new update brings the app to the new platform, features a new design, and unfortunately logs you out, requiring you to contact your bank provider and set up the system again.

It’s a very unexpected update, as the market of Windows 10 Mobile devices in the countries where the app is used, is extremely low. But it still makes sense for business-oriented apps to stay updated to serve their customers across the board.

The app is not available on PC, and only on Windows 10 Mobile devices, but that is not surprising as Windows PCs have a legacy program for authenticating you on the web and while logging in on your bank’s website. The application can be downloaded from the link below.

BankID säkerhetsapp
BankID säkerhetsapp
Developer: ‪Finansiell ID-Teknik BID AB‬
Price: unknown
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Are you a lonely Windows 10 Mobile user in Scandinavia?