Scammers making malicious phone calls regarding Microsoft’s Internet Explorer

Microsoft recently released a security update for Internet Explorer to fix a vulnerability in the browser and those pesky scammers are at it again. This time, scammers are making malicious phone calls in an attempt to fix a victims computer only to steal their personal information.

“Scammers will often use news items (especially those relating to computer security) to try to trick you into downloading malicious software or to steal your personal information. Scammers claiming to be from Microsoft might also contact you by phone and offer to help fix your computer,” Microsoft stated in a blog post. Microsoft reminds consumers that the company would never make unsolicited phone calls only to charge you for computer security or software fixes (well, unless you are past the software life cycle). Those who receive phone calls regarding the recent Internet Explorer security update are urged to hang up. Microsoft recommends reporting the phone call to the Federal Trade Commission if you are in the United States. Has anyone ever received these types of phone calls?

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