Save yourself from zombies in Zombies Can’t Jump for Windows 8.1

Zombies Can't Jump

Zombie-related games are becoming popular these days. If you’re looking for something similar to kill time on your Windows 8.1 machine, take a look at Zombies Can’t Jump, where your task is to defend yourself from the zombie apocalypse by building defenses such as bombs, crates, guns, and more.

The game comes with 20 challenging levels to test your skills. More achievements and items are unlocked as you complete different levels and progress in the game. Zombies Can’t Jump comes with two modes: Story mode and a survival mode. In the Survival mode, there are two re-playable challenges which you can try again and again, after unlocking powerful weapons and items to beat your own high score.

“Grab your weapons and construction kit! Challenge and fun is awaiting you in this original, nail hammering zombie defense game. Don’t let the zombies knock you down – build your defenses, TNT devices, spiked balls, gun turrets, crates, collect powerful weapons and unleash your survival rage. Battle your way through 20 original levels and 2 survival challenges re-playable in different ways. Zombies can’t jump and you are not going down,” the app description reads.

Here’s a complete list of features Zombies Can’t Jump has to offer:

  • 20 original story mode levels.
  • 2 re-playable survival challenges (Try them again as you unlock more items to increase your scores!).
  • 15 achievements to earn in Story and Survival Modes.
  • 15 abilities, items and weapons to unlock.
  • 2 loveable characters and 6 even more adorable zombies.

If you’re a fan of Zombies games, head over to the Windows Store and download the game for your PC. It comes with a $1.99 price tag, but users interested in the game can try the game before paying for it. 

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