Save to Pocket added to official list of Edge Extensions in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14342

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Edge users, rejoice! Some new extensions are coming your way, and if you’re using build 14342, you can pick them up right now. Alongside the addition of Adblock and Adblock Plus, Save to Pocket is now available as an extension for Microsoft Edge. For those who haven’t used Pocket before, the gist of the app is that it allows you to save anything you come across on the internet to a place where you can access it anytime. The app is incredibly useful for people who tend to skim through the internet on a daily basis and don’t want to forget some of the cooler things that they find.

Pocket is constantly syncing with apps on your phone, tablet and computer so that you can keep it highly versatile. Saving news articles on your computer and reading them on the bus ride home is great and makes you feel like nothing can get past you. Save to Pocket making its way to Microsoft Edge is just another bit of polish to the browser to convince people to switch over from Google Chrome or Firefox.

You need to be on build 14342 to get the extension right now, but it should be on its way to the live version of Windows sooner than later.

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