Save big on hit movies and TV shows with the Microsoft Movies & TV Labor Day Sale

Arif Bacchus

Updated on:

We’re due in for a long holiday weekend here in the United States, and Microsoft is running an interesting promotion to celebrate. Indeed, you can now enjoy some crazy good savings on hit movies and TV with the Microsoft Movies & TV Labor Day Sale.

The sale brings certain new releases up to 50% off, and TV season passes up to 60% off. You also can find bundles as low as $9.99, UHD titles up to 30% off, and some movies as low as $4.99. Our personal favorites from the sales happen to be Spider-Man Homecoming, (now $9.99) The Maze Runner Trilogy (now $24.99,) and The Martian (now $7.99.)

Of course, there are plenty of other movies and TV shows which you can explore, so be sure to check it out. And as a reminder, Microsoft Movies & TV is now part of Movies Anywhere, and the Movies and TV App will soon support Windows Timeline. The timing is just right, so feel free to check things out now before the sale ends on September 3.