Satya Nadella’s salary almost doubles in his move to CEO, bonuses and stock too

Satya Nadella's salary almost doubles in his move to CEO, bonuses and stock too

Satya Nadella’s name has quickly spread around the tech world. Outside of Microsoft he may not have been all that well known, but he certainly is now. Microsoft’s CEO has now been chosen and it’s time for the company to move forward. But Nadella is going to remain under the microscope for some time to come, and money is always going to be of interest.

There are few people with an interest in Microsoft who would not like to know what the man at the top is earning. In the case of Nadella, he will be taking home $1.2 in his first year in the position, but this is far from being the end of his earnings.

He will also be able to earn a bonus of up to $3.6 million — last year he managed to pocket $1.6 million based on performance — and in the 2015 fiscal year he will also receive a stock award worth $13.2 million.

Nadella has quite a task ahead of him, and this is reflected in the substantial salary. There will be a great deal more work involved than in his previous position, but this is reflected in his income boost. Having previous taken home $675,000 per year, his salary has almost doubled overnight.

Now that the debating is over, the finances have been settled and everyone know where they stand, the hard work can begin in earnest. One of the first things Nadella did was to make use of his long-dormant Twitter account where he said: “first commitment as CEO…i won’t wait 4 years between tweets!”

Are you excited about what’s to come?

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