Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s first UK appearance will be at Future Decoded on November 10th

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Satya Nadella's first UK appearance will be at Future Decoded

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wil be speaking at the Future Decoded conference in the UK. For his first public appearance in the UK as CEO on November 10th, Satya will discuss how Microsoft’s plan will work into the future. This conference will also feature more speakers, but they have yet to be disclosed.

Microsoft’s strategy is mobile first, cloud first. How this plan evolves in the future and the challenges it will face will be the topic of Satya’s talk. Microsoft has always been very future-minded and has invested heavily in research. Microsoft Research has been exploring the future of technology.

It is unclear if Satya will demo any experimental technology, or if he will just continue to reiterate how Microsoft is changing and evolving in this mobile first, cloud first world. Hopefully we can see a cohesive plan from Microsoft on how they will begin to leverage their strengths as a cross-platform company and bring technology together for their customers.

What do you think Satya should talk about during this conference? Do you think Microsoft has a bright future?

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