Satya Nadella to meet with with India's telecom minister, broadband connectivity on tap

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Ravi Shankar Prasad, India's Communications and IT minister, is going to be meeting with Satya Nadella tomorrow to discuss connection to broadband internet in India's villages. Microsoft has invited Prasad to the "Microsoft's Future Unleashed" event in Mumbai, where Nadella will provide a keynote to thousands of industry professionals gathered to see what's next for Microsoft--and by extension, what's next for the world's technology as a whole.
India has had some questionable internet connectivity in many places, even to the point where Microsoft has been pushing to create a Skype app specifically for India's limited connectivity. The conference between Prasad and Nadella is likely to be revolving around "white space," something that utilizes unused television spectrum to provide low-cost internet connectivity.
According to an official in the communications ministry, wi-fi can only cover 100 meters while white spaces can cover up to 10km. This promises to provide India with much better internet connectivity overall.

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