Samsung reveals their new computer monitors for 2019

Kareem Anderson

Perhaps, coincidentally, as interest in smartphone adoption and mobile feature creep appear to be waning with the average consumer, Samsung and others are heading into this 2019 CES convention with some new takes on tried and true technologies.

Ahead of CES 2019, Samsung is sharing information about a few standout products it plans to showcase at the convention and chief among them are a collection new desktop monitors that range from a super ultra-wide 49-inch CRG9 panel, minimalist Space Monitor and ultra slim 4K UHD display.

Samsung UR59C 32″ Monitor

Samsung’s new UR59C 32″ Monitor brings a curved 4K UHD panel to the desktop creator. Normally, 4K UHD displays are found mounted to living room walls, but the UR59C also makes a great display for the desktop with its 2,500:1 contrast ratio and 1500R curvature with 3849×2160 resolution and support of up to one billion colors.

Samsung UR59C 32” Monitor 1

With a slim profile of only 6.7 mm thick, near the bezel-less screen, a fabric textured rear panel, and dark grey coloring, the UR59C will make most desktops designers desired workspace and the ideal monitor to plop down in front of for video or photo editing and game playing.

Samsung CRG9 49″ Gaming Monitor

If the UR59C isn’t your cup of tea, Samsung is also producing an ultra-wide gaming monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio, 120Hx refresh rate, 4ms response time across a 49-inch panel. The CRG9 may not be the best for content creation but should provide a superior gaming experience with its QHD resolution and 1,000 nits of brightness on top of its Quantum dot technology for some of the best color reproduction in the industry.

Samsung CRG9 super wide monitor 3

Samsung Space Monitor

Last, and perhaps most practical of the display bunch is Samsung’s new Space Monitor that is a 27-inch adjustable display. With the use of an adjustable integrated “Zero height” arm that clamps to desktops, the Space Monitor can go from a traditional eye-level display to a more intimate viewing experience with minimal effort.

Space Monitor 1

Similar to Microsoft’s Surface Studio monitor, the Space Monitor leverages a common sense design that allows users to adjust either the 27-inch QHD or 32-inch 4K UHD display, to fit their workspace and current workflow, whether it be viewing long forms from a distance or pixel peeping for image manipulation.

Samsung plans to officially unveil its new monitor line up at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, where we expect to hear about shipping timeframes and pricing.