Samsung goes on the offensive in new Galaxy Pro ad campaign, takes a shot at the Surface

Samsung goes on the offensive in new Galaxy Pro ad campaign

We’re becoming increasingly used to big name companies operating smear campaigns on their competitors. It’s something that Microsoft has indulged it with its series of Scroogled ads, and the latest to adopt these types of tactics is Samsung. Its latest advert for the Galaxy Pro range of devices takes on a number of rivals, starting off with Apple’s iPad.

The aim of the ad is to point out that the Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro are capable of oh, so much more than just about any alternative device you care to mention. To kick things off, a disgruntled iPad user is trumped by a Samsung user when struggling to multitask on his tablet.

‘Bulky’ laptops are next up for ridicule — including a Surface, no less! Microsoft’s tablet/laptop hybrid is singled out for getting in the way. In the video, the owner is quick to point out that it is a laptop rather than a tablet, only for a snide remark to emerge from a Galaxy user: “well, it does have a keyboard… and a battery dock.” “…and a mouse,” adds the original complainant.

This is followed by the Amazon’s Kindle which finds itself in the firing line for being too limited. But it’s the iPad that gets the brunt of Samsung’s attack and it returns for a second pounding at the end of the advertisement.

This time, it is the screen resolution that comes under attack, leading up to the climactic reveal that “The next big thing has arrived.”

Check out the ad for yourself and see what you think.

More details about the Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro can be found on the Samsung website.

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