Samsung Galaxy S6 may have Microsoft apps preinstalled

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Microsoft appears close to expanding its reach into one of Android’s most popular phone lines, the Samsung Galaxy. According to Sam Mobile the hardware giant Samsung may have Microsoft apps such as OneNote, OneDrive, and Office Mobile preinstalled on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6. Microsoft and Samsung recently settled an ongoing patents dispute, and the inclusion of Microsoft apps on Samsung devices may or may not be a part of that settlement

Microsoft is hard at work expanding its reach in the mobile sector, especially when it comes to making its apps available on other platforms. Microsoft has dozens of apps available on the Android platform including Office for tablets and mobile phones. This cross platform push is quite popular based on app store ratings and number of downloads.

Having Microsoft apps preinstalled on one of the most popular Android phones would be a major accomplishment for the Redmond based tech company. Microsoft has a solid dominance of the workplace but recently Google has announced that they want to steal 80% of Microsoft’s Office clients. Having apps like Office and OneDrive on every platform help keep people in Microsoft’s ecosystem.

It’s unrealistic to assume that companies, especially those that allow users to bring their own devices, would only use one operating system. While a company may use Microsoft PCs, many of their employees will have iPhones, Galaxys and many other devices. By having services like Office and OneDrive available and preinstalled on many popular devices Microsoft can more easily sell Office 365 to companies.

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