Samsung Flow helps Windows 10 tablet work better with Galaxy Android devices

Staff Writer

With the release of the new Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, Samsung has returned with a new Windows 10-based tablet for the market. To cater to their audience and the millions of Samsung Galaxy phone users, Samsung has introduced a new feature called Flow into the new tablet.

With Samsung being a manufacturer of both Android and Windows devices, getting them to communicate with each other can be a difficult task, due to differences in code and protocol. However, this new feature hopes to marry the two operating systems and let them communicate seamlessly.

Samsung TabSPro

Similar to the way Microsoft utilizes Windows 10 and Windows Mobile to communicate across devices with Cortana, Samsung’s Flow allows users of their Android devices, to use the phone to communicate with their Galaxy TabPro S computers. The feature allows users the ability to receive texts, phone calls, notifications, and alerts on the computer while in use. Also, users can utilize Samsung’s phone fingerprint reader for logging into the tablet, and the phone’s screen can be used to draw specific shapes to log into the computer.

There is potential for more integration with Windows 10 using Flow, but for now Samsung has only outlined the above features. For those interested in the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, who may use their Galaxy phones, this is another nice feature to lean you towards the new tablet. Let us know in the comments your thoughts on this new feature and whether you would use it for your own needs.