Samsung to file lawsuit against the iPhone 5 in Korea

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With this never-ending lawsuit war, it was only a matter of time before Samsung began to fight back. Apple has been firing lawsuits at Samsung and many other companies in an attempt to get their product’s banned. Now Samsung is doing the same thing, but this time at the iPhone 5.

Apple recently fired many lawsuits against Samsung and their Galaxy Tabs, Apple won both lawsuit’s, resulting in the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 7.7 being banned in Germany and most of Europe. Now, Samsung is attempting the same manoeuvre, but at the Apple iPhone 5.

An unnamed Samsung executive says: “For as long as Apple does not drop mobile telecommunications functions, it would be impossible for it to sell its i-branded products without using our patents. We will stick to a strong stance against Apple during the lingering legal fights.”

Another unnamed executive says: “We are taking different tactics since we are quite confident. If Samsung wins in Germany that will give us a big breakthrough and so will other envisioned efforts against such products as the iPhone 5.”

Samsung has already filed a lawsuit against Apple in Australia, claiming that their products violate seven Australian patents that are currently owned by Samsung.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think it’s fair that Samsung are sending back what Apple sent to them? Leave your comments below!

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