Samsung demands access to Apple’s next iPhone and iPad

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Apple recently filed a motion demanding to see Samsung’s next generation of mobile products to determine whether they fall under the intellectual-property infringement claims filed against the Samsung Nexus S and other devices. Now, Samsung is demanding access to Apple’s next generation iPhone and iPad to prevent any future infringement claims.

As reported by CNET, Samsung filed a motion on Friday with the U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif. demanding access to “final, commercial version(s)” of the next generation iPhone and iPad products, referred to in the filing as the “iPhone 4S,” “iPhone 5,” “iPad 3,” and “third generation iPad.” The filing was discovered by Nilay Patel at This Is My Next:

Samsung demands access to Apple's next iPhone and iPad - - May 30, 2011

This motion is a further escalation of Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung from back in April which claimed that Samsung had copied Apple’s user interface and hardware design for its mobile products including infringing on Apple’s patents. Samsung in return filed a lawsuit claiming Apple had infringed on many of Samsung’s patents.

Considering that Samsung is a primary parts supplier for many of Apple’s mobile products, the legal war between the two companies may bring far-reaching consequences that may result in Apple having to look to other sources of hardware suppliers for their products.

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