Samsung Chromebook Series 5 review

Google recently unveiled its Chromebook notebooks which the company hopes to make an impact in the PC arena. Chromebooks are web-centric and not your typical notebook. Looking to buy one soon? Take a look at this review of the Samsung Chromebook Series 5.

As Google explains, “These are not typical notebooks. With a Chromebook you won’t wait minutes for your computer to boot and browser to start. You’ll be reading your email in seconds. Thanks to automatic updates the software on your Chromebook will get faster over time. At the core of each Chromebook is the Chrome web browser. The web has millions of applications and billions of users. Trying a new application or sharing it with friends is as easy as clicking a link.”

The guys over at Engadget put together a very good review detailing the new Samsung Chromebook Series 5. The review talks about everything you need to know about purchasing a computer, including battery life, the OS, the look, and performance. Here is a quick highlight of what they concluded:

Chromebooks are not for everyone. Those looking to purchase a Chromebook are a part of a select group of people who do not want local storage. Obviously, Chrome OS is still a work in progress, but expect to see Netflix streaming or offline support in the future, just not right now. This Chromebook has a long battery life, can be turned on instantly, and offers a decent price tag. Bottom line? If you intend to live within the Chrome browser, then this Chromebook is for you. An excellent choice for those wishing to move onto the cloud.

Read the full review with screenshots at Engadget.

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