Samsung Ativ S now receiving Windows Phone 8.1 Update

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Samsung ativ s receiving windows phone 8. 1 updateSeveral reports suggest the Windows Phone 8.1 Update is rolling out for the Samsung Ativ S in a few regions. Reports suggest that it's rolling out in Italy, and even Samsung posted it on their community website that Windows Phone 8.1 Update is rolling out for the non-branded version in Italy. We've also received tips the update is rolling out for the handset in Germany as well.

The update brings a handful of new features on the table, including all the goodies and new features introduced with the latest update. There's Action Center which displays all the notifications from various applications, as well as customizable Live Tiles on the Start Screen, Live Folders, improved Bing search, and more.

If you're in possession of a Samsung Ativ S, check if you've received the latest update. Alternatively, you can also check it manually by going to Settings > Phone Update. 

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