Saints Row IV Re-Elected is now available for Xbox One, along with ‘Gat Out of Hell’ DLC


Originally released in August 2013, Saints Row IV garnered much acclaim and generated a great deal of interest from the public at large. Very aware of this, and for the current trend of ‘remakes’, publisher Deep Silver has brought Saint’s Row 4 Re-Elected to the Xbox One.

Re-Elected takes players back to the virtual playground of Steelport, complete with all DLC released for the original game, giving players a perfect reason to jump back into the madness of dubstep guns, super-powered Presidents, and Transformers references. Included in this re-release is the newly created DLC “Gat Out of Hell”, which tasks players with rescuing the President from Hell, either as Johnny Gat or Kinzie Kensington.

Coming in at $49.49 on the Xbox Store, the release features reworked graphics and hours of fun, either for veterans or newcomers. Will you be picking up Saint’s Row 4: Re-Elected? Let us know in the comments below.

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