SafeConsoleReady program adds Kingston FIPS secure USB and Sophos Antivirus to its line-up

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LONDON, InfoSec, April 20, 2011 – BlockMaster ( the leading provider of managed secure USB drive solutions today announces the continued growth of its SafeConsoleReady partner program, with the addition of Kingston DTVP-M and
DT4000-M USB and Sophos Antivirus.

Anders Kjellander, CSO, BlockMaster comments: “SafeConsole allows IT teams to instantly gain complete and granular control over all their secure USB drives, enabling organisations currently including the NHS to enjoy complete peace of mind when it comes to device security.

“We see SafeConsole managing every USB device in the company, helping staff to work remotely and productively without worrying about device or data loss. We’re pleased to welcome the new Kingston DT4000-M to the SafeConsoleReady family.”

Kingston DT4000-M first SafeConsoleReady Device to achieve FIPS
The DT4000-M is the latest secure USB to be released by Kingston, and is sealed in epoxy, keeping data secure – and is FIPS140-2 certified, making the USB stick tamper-evident, and encrypted. Companies can use SafeConsole to manage their stock of DT4000-M devices, or a mixed estate of Kingston and BlockMaster USB sticks.

The new Kingston DT4000-M is a FIPS 140-2 level 2 certified fully managed secure USB drive. The DT4000-M is managed by the SafeConsole for Kingston edition from BlockMaster.

Kjellander continues: “The DT4000-M presents organisations with a device that ticks all the boxes security wise at a very competitive price point. Adding to this the DTVP-M and the BlockMaster SafeStick and SafeStick SuperSonic can also be managed under the same SafeConsole server makes the offer very compelling”

Sophos SafeConsoleReady Antivirus Protects Device from Malware
In addition to this Sophos and BlockMaster have also joined forces as part of the SafeConsoleReady partner plan to present a manageable solution against the threat of USB malware leaping onto corporate networks or infecting managed secure USB drives.

The SafeConsoleReady Sophos Antivirus is deployed onto existing SafeConsoleReady drives by the SafeConsole server administrator and offers the device end-user a transparent, quick and resource effective, on access protection against malware on and off the corporate network. This is the first enterprise mature antivirus solution made available for secure USB drives

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