Saab partners with Microsoft HoloLens to redefine the training and education experience

With Volvo and Lowe's announcing the use of HoloLens in their business operations, Saab is the latest company that was invited by Microsoft to take part in HoloLens Enterprise Acceleration Program (HEAP). After seeing what the HoloLens is capable of at Build 2016, more companies will likely want to be a part of HEAP to see how they can expand their businesses.

Starting today, Saab joins HEAP to create more application experiences for the HoloLens platform. Managing Director of Saab Australia, Dean Rosenfield, explains how they will use HoloLens:

“Our Training and Simulation team see the huge potential for Microsoft Hololens and are already working on a range of civil and military applications in training, simulation and education. Mixed Reality technology is truly ground-breaking and will revolutionize the way we train, educate and operate across the whole of society."

While Saab is known in the United States for their automobiles, the company has a much different role in other parts of the world. Saab is known as a leading global provider of products, services, and solutions for military defense and personal security.

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