/r/XboxOne opens up a poll to vote for the Xbox Game of the Year

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Ah, Reddit. The capital of community for many different groups of people. Whether you are an enthusiast for a game, console, company, or anything else, you can always find people who agree with you and want to engage in conversation all day and night on Reddit. One of the more notable subreddits is /r/XboxOne, which has done an exceptional job of fostering a community built around the Xbox One.
Xbox One Reddit
Just like last year, the great team over at /r/XboxOne has opened up a massive poll asking the Xbox One community to vote on their favorites games in several categories. The categories set up include but aren't limited to best action game, best RPG, best audio design, and best game overall. It's a pretty fantastic poll for people who want to vote for their Game of the Year, but think there are way too many great games out this year to condense it into just one decision.
Each category has a number of options, and many of them have an "Other" option where you can fill in your personal choice. You should be able to represent any game that you like quite easily, and throw your hat into the ring however you'd like.

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