Russia’s MTS carrier prefers Windows Phones, has stopped selling iPhones completely

Nokia Windows Phone

Over in Russia, OAO Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) prefers to sell Windows Phone devices over the Apple iPhone. In fact, MTS as gone as far as stopping sales of Apple iPhones in favor of Microsoft’s offering. Windows Phone devices have accounted for 8.2% of smartphones sold in Russia while Apple’s share has dropped to 8.3%.

“Apple wants operators to pay them huge money, subsidizing iPhones and their promotion in Russia. Now it’s not beneficial for us. It’s good we stopped selling the iPhone as these sales would’ve brought us a negative margin,” MTS CEO Andrei Dubovskov stated in a recent interview with Bloomberg.

MTS, Russia’s largest mobile operator, stopped selling iPhones at the end of 2012 and has begun a new found relationship with Microsoft and other device makers including Nokia. Microsoft and Nokia, along with MTS, agreed to promote Windows Phone smartphones including the new Nokia Lumia handsets as well as open special Windows Phone areas in flagship stores.

This is obviously a huge step forward for Microsoft and its Windows Phone platform. And it’s not every day that you hear a carrier stopped selling iPhones because it didn’t make them enough money.

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