Runtastic Me for Windows Phone updated to support Moment Smartwatch

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The Runtastic Moment is a new smartwatch that tracks all the usual data like steps taken, distance traveled, sleep health, calories burned, and goal progress. The watch also has a goal progress dial, LED indicator, vibrate functionality and a battery that lasts six months. The battery can last so long because the watch doesn't have a screen; it looks like an ordinary watch but has sensors inside.
Up until now this smartwatch could only sync its data with an iOS or Android app, but publishers Runtastic have updated their Windows Phone "Runtastic Me" app to support the Runtastic Moment Smartwatch. The app is free in the Windows Store and this update also adds Czech language support.
Runtastic is a proven supporter of the Windows platform with several free and pro apps available in the Store. Recently we reviewed the excellent Runtastic Pro app that costs $4.99 and has every function you would ever need if you own a Runtastic device. Should you be interested in trying the free Runtastic Me app, click the link below.

Runtastic me
Runtastic me
Developer: ‪runtastic‬
Price: Code needed

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