Run Cortana on Android’s Microsoft Launcher in any country with this little trick

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Launcher recently picked up a new Cortana Integration, but not everyone may have the feature available in their country of residence. Noted by Windows Central (via Windows United) there is now a neat little trick which can help you enable Cortana on Android’s Microsoft Launcher regardless of your country.

All it takes is to head into Microsoft Launcher language settings and change the language. You can do this by pressing and holding on the Home Screen, and choosing “Launcher Settings.” You can then press on “General Settings,” press “Select Langauge,” and then change it from “System” to “English.”

Microsoft launcher changing settings

Doing this will change all of Microsoft Launcher to English, and you’ll need to speak and interact with Cortana in English. Your phone and system language will not be impacted by the change, so it’s perfect for those who live outside Cortana regions but also speak English.

Here’s to hoping that Microsoft will add more Cortana regions soon. Did this trick work for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.