Ford CEO Alan Mulally shoots down rumors of becoming Microsoft's newest CEO after Ballmer -
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Ford CEO Alan Mulally shoots down rumors of becoming Microsoft's newest CEO after Ballmer

Alan Mulally Ford CEO

Microsoft fans and tech enthusiasts have been on a long journey trying to figure out who will be Microsoft’s next CEO after Steve Ballmer retires within the next 11 months. Microsoft's Board of Executives are still weighing options on who will become the next CEO of Microsoft. There is currently 40 possible CEO candidates, with the vote coming closer and closer.

A name that was said everywhere in the news this week was Alan Mulally, who is currently Ford’s CEO. With his help and strong leadership qualities, he has helped Ford and Boeing become what they are today. In fact, for those that didn't know, Mulally actually shared some business transformation tips to Steve Ballmer as Microsoft underwent a restructuring recently.

Sadly, if you’re hoping for Mulally to become Microsoft’s CEO, you’re out of luck. He has turned down the rumors that he will become Microsoft’s CEO. “I love serving Ford and have nothing new to add to (my) plans to continue serving Ford," he said in an exclusive interview with USA TODAY.

Ford will end the contract with Mulally at the end of 2014, which allows him to pursue whatever other company he wills to go to. Which means, that maybe, he might be able to work at Microsoft as a high-class employee, probably like a board director, but not as company CEO.

There have been predictions of Stephen Elop, Nokia’s previous CEO and now Microsoft’s executive vice president of Nokia’s Devices and Services Division, as becoming the new CEO. But again, no one knows for sure just who will be filling Ballmer's big shoes.

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