Rumor: Windows 8 to be released on January 7, 2013?

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As the first month of this new year nears its end, a new rumor surfaces in regards to Windows 8 and its release date.

Techspot is reporting that Windows 8, Microsoft’s next big thing in the operating system standpoint, is scheduled to hit RTM (Release to Manufacturing) at the very end of the year 2012. Windows 8 will then be available in neat little packages at retail stores around January 7th, of 2013.

At this point in time, Windows 8 is still in the milestone development phase. Techspot also reports that Milestone 3 development will take place in a few months from now (March 2011). The server version of this new operating system will be labeled as “Windows Server 2012.”

How credible are these rumors? Only time can tell. TechSpot sources this intel from the Russian website “wzor”, which has been credible in the past. However, since this Windows 8 timeline is so far into the future, it is very hard to claim accuracy.

What do we know so far about Windows 8? Well, we know that it is near Milestone 2 phase. We also know that there will be a new application model codenamed ‘Jupiter’. There are new virtualization capabilities that are expected by many to be part of Windows 8 when it gets released. And dont forget that Microsoft’s next big thing will be centered around gaming. Windows is no stranger to the smartphone arena either considering that Microsoft plans on releasing Windows 8 on ARM and Intel’s plan to put Windows 8 on phones.

As always, stay tuned to WinBeta as we provide you the latest in Windows 8 as it unfolds.

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