Rumor: Nokia to adopt Windows Phone 7?


It’s no secret that Nokia has been struggling in its smartphone line. With new speculation that Nokia and Microsoft are planning on partnering up, what does this mean for the smartphone arena?

The folks over at Computerworld are reporting that a planned speech to investors, scheduled for February 11th, will be the stage for the big announcement.

Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, was urged by an analyst with the Berenberg Bank in Germany to “form an alliance” with Microsoft. This alliance would give Nokia full and exclusive access to the Windows Phone “intellectual property.”

Apparently, noteworthy comments were made by Nokia’s CEO Steven Elop at an earlier meeting with analysts. During this particular meeting, Elop said Nokia was willing to “create and/or join other ecosystems” in the mobile phone arena. This could possibly mean a partnership with Microsoft and the Windows Phone “ecosystem.”

If Nokia and Microsoft partnered up, Nokia would have to replace its high-end Linux-based open source mobile operating system (Nokia’s MeeGo OS) for Windows Phone OS.

This move may offer Microsoft a boost in sales since it has also been struggling in the smartphone arena. On an interesting note, Nokia’s share has already increased 4% since this speculation surfaced online.