Next big Windows Phone update will be called Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink


Nokia has a history of naming Windows Phone updates based on colors. The latest version is known as Lumia Black, while the previous one was named Lumia Amber. Rumors hinted at the next big update to be called Nokia Lumia Blue, but it seems that’s not the case. According to a new rumor, the next big update will be known as “Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink.” It’s a long name, but it could be a codename similar to the Bittersweet Shimmer, which was later renamed to Lumia Black.

The information was tweeted by none other than Tom Warren of The Verge, who said, “Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink is the next update, not Lumia Blue.” It’s not just Tom Warren, some leaked screenshots of the alleged Lumia 630 also revealed Cherry Blossom Pink to be the name of the upcoming update. At the moment, there’s no way to confirm if it’s the real deal or not, but let’s just take it with appropriate amount of salt.

If we have to speculate, it seems the company is following color combinations in an alphabetical order — “A” is Amber, “B” is Black and “C” is Cherry Blossom Pink — so its just a rough guess from our part. Make of it what you can until it gets official.

Microsoft is expected to unveil the Windows Phone 8.1 OS at Build 2014 next week, with Nokia also holding an event where they are expected to unveil the purported Nokia Lumia 930 as well as Lumia 630. We’ll update you as soon as Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 8.1. Stay tuned.

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