From the rumor mill: Windows Phone 9 will be designed for both tablets and smartphones

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Windows Phone on Lumia 928

According to a new rumor circulating the internet right now, Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 9 operating system will be designed for both tablet devices as well as smartphones. Both Apple and Google have had success with this method so it makes some sense to see Windows Phone 9 do the same thing.

This argument has been present since the release of Windows 8. Microsoft has one operating system that was designed for two different types of devices, touch and PC. By having mobile devices powered by Windows Phone 9, Microsoft can focus that operating system towards that niche and tailor it to the mobile platform.

However, if Microsoft does indeed go this route and unite the smartphone and tablet operating system, what will happen to Windows? Will Microsoft tailor the Windows operating system to be primarily for desktop computers like before? Again, this is a huge rumor, so keep that in mind. Discuss your thoughts in the comments below!

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