From the rumor mill: Windows Phone 7.8 to be released on November 28th

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Nov 26th, 2012 inNews

Not that long ago, we heard that Windows Phone 7.8 had hit RTM (Release to Manufacturing) status and that it would not come with Internet Explorer 10. Microsoft has yet to reveal when Windows Phone 7.8 will make its appearance and all we know is that this update is designed for those who will be unable to update to Windows Phone 8. Now, a new rumor claims that Windows Phone 7.8 will be released this Wednesday, November 28.

“Now we have had a tip saying we can expect the OS update to be published this Wednesday, on the 28th November 2012,” the report states. How credible is the rumor? Well, thats just the thing. The source is unnamed so we have no idea if this is true or false. Either way, a release on Wednesday November 28th would be nice. Recently, we learned that Windows Phone 7.8 had been Released to Manufacturing (RTM) and that IE10 would not be making an appearance in the update. Microsoft has yet to official reveal when Windows Phone 7.8 will be rolled out but the company has indicated that it would be released soon after the release of Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 7.8 will come with the new Start Screen that was seen in Windows Phone 8, which includes re-sizable tiles and the removal of the gap on the right side of the Start Screen. We will also see new colors for the tiles. Microsoft hasn’t been too chatty about Windows Phone 7.8, which is designed to work on phones that don’t have the hardware requirements for Windows Phone 8.

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