From the rumor mill: Outlook RT coming in October of 2014, Office RT to see a 'refresh'

Office 2013

Nvidia's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang recently mentioned during an investor session that Microsoft needed to add Outlook to Windows RT. Little did he know, Microsoft has already been testing an Outlook RT app internally. Now, it seems like we may have a purported release date for the app.

According to a leaked roadmap for Microsoft's upcoming 'Gemini' wave of updates for Office, Microsoft is planning on releasing Outlook RT in October of 2014 as part of the third wave of updates. Along with Outlook RT, we will see Office for iOS and Android.

The first wave of updates is scheduled for October of this year and features Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote in a touch-centric Modern/Metro app form for both Windows 8 and Windows RT. The second wave of updates takes place in April 2014 and features a "refresh" of Office RT, which is the productivity suite on Microsoft's Windows RT platform.

We believe Outlook RT, which is set for October for 2014 according to the leaked roadmap, will be released sooner than later due to its demand and the fact that it is already being tested internally and privately. However, the fate of the Mail app in Windows 8 and Windows RT is unknown.

This leaked roadmap was current at the start of this year but things can change as time goes by, so keep that in mind. Microsoft offered no comment on the matter.

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