From the rumor mill: Nokia possibly revealing a Windows tablet on September 26th


Windows tablet

According to a new rumor, Nokia is holding an event on September 26th to the 27th in New York City and the company will possibly unveil a long-rumored Windows tablet. No official details have been revealed about this event, if it will be a press event or simply an announcement from the company, but rumor has it Nokia might just unveil a Windows tablet on that day.

According to the report, Nokia usually reserves the New York City location for major announcements and launches in the United States, as evident with the Lumia 920 and Lumia 1020 launches. Nokia has shifted to a new strategy that involves releasing a major product every quarter. Nokia revealed the Lumia 925 in May, the Lumia 1020 in July, and now a new product is expected in September, aligning perfectly with this rumor.

One insider described a Nokia tablet as a small, roughly 11inch Windows tablet that is similar to the Lumia line of smartphones. This means bright colors and rounded corners. Again, treat this as a rumor until official details are revealed. We will keep you apprised on anything new regarding this event.

Would you consider purchasing a Nokia Windows tablet if the specs and price were right?