From the rumor mill: Next Xbox to launch in early November 2013 and features two pricing models


Recently, Microsoft revealed that the software giant would be revealing the next Xbox entertainment console, codename Durango, during an event on the Microsoft campus in Redmond. This event takes place May 21st.

According to a new report by Paul Thurrott, the next generation Xbox console will launch in early November of this year. On top of that, the console features two pricing models. Microsoft will offer a ‘standalone version’ of the console for $499 and a $299 option that will require a two-year Xbox LIVE Gold subscription, which runs for $10 per month.

Microsoft is expected to completely reveal its plans for the next generation Xbox don the eve of the E3 entertainment expo in early June 2013. The new Xbox is rumored to feature a Blu-ray drive and a new Kinect alongside the Xbox console.

Microsoft is also rumored to deliver a third generation Xbox 360 console and it will cost a lot less than current generation models. This new model could be classified as a low-cost entertainment console. Microsoft has codenamed this console “Stingray.” As May 21st rapidly approaches, we are sure to hear and learn more about the next generation Xbox console!

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