From the rumor mill: Next generation Xbox announcement to take place in May

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Mar 28th, 2013 inNews


Speculation has been ongoing on when Microsoft will announce the release of the company’s next generation Xbox entertainment console, codename Durango. Early rumors suggested that the new Xbox (is it Xbox 720 or Xbox Next?) would be announced in April. Now a new report states it has been pushed back a month,

According to a new report, Microsoft has pushed back the announcement from April to May of 2013. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. The E3 Entertainment expo takes place in June of 2013 and rumors had suggested that Microsoft would not be announcing the new console at the E3 conference, at least according to a senior marketing director at Microsoft. However, those plans can always change.

Sony already believes that they have caught Microsoft off guard with their recent PS4 announcement and believed they have “definitely ruffled some feathers” at Microsoft.

Microsoft has yet to officially reveal any details about the new Xbox entertainment console, but details have since leaked about an always-on internet connection, better processor and graphics, as well as a new Kinect that will ship alongside the console.

Microsoft may hold its own event in May to announce the new console. Stay tuned as we hear more.

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