From the rumor mill: Next gen Xbox codename Durango memory specs revealed

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Xbox 720 Ram

According to VGLeaks, the same guys who have been revealing details about the next generation Xbox (720 or Next or whatever you want to call it), new details about the console's RAM has leaked. We are classifying this as a rumor so read on for your entertainment.

The next generation Xbox, codename Durango, will feature two different types of memory. It will feature 8GM of DRAM and 32MB of ESRAM. While the DRAM does most of the performance work while supporting the CPU, GPU, display, audio, and more, the ESRAM will work closely with the GPU to ensure high frame rates and reduce latency. The ESRAM will run at 102GB per second while the DRAM will run at 68GB per second.

Speculation on when Microsoft will release the next generation Xbox has already begun and a recent rumor suggested that Microsoft may infact launch this new Xbox console in April, thanks to the software giant being rattled by Sony's recent PS4 announcement.

Microsoft has yet to offer any concrete statement about all these rumors, aside from the standard "we do not comment on rumors or speculation." The software giant has yet to announce the new Xbox.

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