From the rumor mill: Next gen Xbox codename Durango CPU specs reportedly revealed

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Details for the upcoming Xbox console, codename Durango, have been leaking left and right as of late. We have learned about the device's GPU specs, as well as other various specs. Now, new details have emerged claiming that the new Xbox (Xbox 720 or Xbox Next or just Xbox codename Durango) will feature an AMD processor with 2 modules running four cores at 1.6GHz.

"The Durango CPU brings a host of modern micro-architectural performance features to console development. With Durango, a familiar instruction set architecture and high performance silicon mean developers can focus effort on content and features, not micro-optimization. The trend towards more parallel power continues in this hardware; so, an effective strategy for multi-core computing is more important than ever," the report states.

One interesting thing to note is that the Xbox 360 has three cores running 3.2GHz, while this report indicates that the new Xbox will run at half that speed but with more cores. Regardless of the speed difference, the new Xbox will be much faster thanks to better performance and newer technology. Hit the source link to read more technical details about the next Xbox CPU specs. Keep in mind that Microsoft has yet to reveal anything official on the new Xbox console, so until that happens, we are classifying this report as a rumor.

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