From the rumor mill: Microsoft's Executives wanted the Start button back in Windows 8.1

Start button via start8

A report recently suggested that Microsoft was considering bringing back the Start button in Windows 8.1, thanks to consumer demand. The report added that Microsoft may bring back the Start button as an option, along with booting directly to the desktop.

According to another report by Microsoft insider Paul Thurrott, Microsoft's Executives are the ones who are overruling objections from the Windows team about bringing back the Start button. "And I've separately confirmed that this is really happening, with the Start button, in particular, driven by upper management, which overruled objections from the Windows team," Thurrott added.

The Start button is likely to return in the upcoming Windows 8.1 update and it is unknown if the Start menu will make its return too. It makes no sense for the Start menu to return, since Microsoft is focused on shifting users attention towards the new Start Screen. However, having a Start button visible on the taskbar that leads users to the Start Screen might ease frustrations from many consumers.

Perhaps Microsoft made a decision to bring back the Start button to appease its consumers. Microsoft is expected to release a public preview build of Windows 8.1 during Build 2013 this June, so we may see the return of the infamous button then.

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