Rumor: Microsoft will not unveil a smaller-sized Surface Mini tablet on May 20th

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Rumor: microsoft will not unveil a smaller-sized surface mini tablet on may 20th

We're just one day away from the Surface event in New York City, where the Redmond giant is expected to unveil a brand new Surface device. It was rumored that we would see a Surface Mini, along with a sequel to the Surface Pro 2. Now, a new rumor has surfaced just one day prior to the event, suggesting that Microsoft has no plans on unveiling a Surface Mini.

In fact, tomorrow's theme is all about going big, rather than going small, at least according to a report by ComputerWorld. The 7-inch or perhaps 8-inch Surface Mini that we all hoped would happen, will not happen tomorrow. Instead, Microsoft is reportedly unveil a 12-inch Surface Pro 3. Microsoft is pitching the Surface Pro as a two-in-one device that can act as a tablet or as an ultra-light notebook, depending on a user's need.

The rumors of a Surface Mini were brought to light when Microsoft sent out press invites to a "small gathering" in New York City for a Surface event. The rumor mill went rampant, citing previous hints of a Surface Mini throughout the year.

While ComputerWorld cites sources familiar with the matter, we are going to label this as a rumor for now. We shall see what Microsoft has planned come tomorrow morning.

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